Updating My Website

It’s very important that everyone understand that marketing your business through your website is a two prong approach, Visibility and Conversions.  What good will it do if we bring you 5 times your current traffic if your site doesn’t meet the new visitor’s needs and they click their back button?  The obvious answer is, “NONE!”  That is why your site needs to be checked for ease of use, appearance, content and navigation.  We will not sign up a client if we feel, in our professional opinion, that their site will not convert the additional traffic.

With all of our clients, there is no long-term commitment so it is in OUR best interest as well that our service work great and brings in new revenue.  That cannot happen if the site is a train wreck and has a high bounce rate, people seeing and clicking back off the site.

Let us get you a competitive quote to bring your site up to the latest standards.  In most cases, a few hundred dollars is all it takes to give your site a fresh look!

Another consideration to updating your site is launching another site for increased visibility.  Let us launch a sister site to your existing site and compare how the two perform or better yet, optimize your current site as well as the new site and maximize your visibility.  Remember, the Internet is not getting smaller and there are only 10 positions on the front page of the search engines!  Get there first and claim your stake or you’ll miss out.  Take action and take control of your own destiny!